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About me

My name is Chrisanne and I'm originally from Germany!
In August 2011 my husband and I moved with our felines to Florida. I work at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and live in a wonderful apartment close by.

In my free time I love to draw and paint. I also love to make little creations with polymer clay. Other than that there's many things I like to do and that I'm interested in but I'm too lazy to list them all ;-)
When both of us -my husband and me- have a day off, we go to hang out with friends, see a movie in the theaters, go to theme parks, concerts, etc etc. But sometimes I also like to just be at home to relax or play and snuggle with the cats.

I also like to cook! And I LOVE to cook vegan! If you're a meat eater you will probably not believe it but my vegan cooking would even satisfy YOUR belly.. :p

Well I cant think of anything more to write right now but if you like my blog I'd love for you to go ahead and subscribe to my blog! :-)