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I didnt blog for a while but there was a lot to do!
We moved to Orlando last Thursday and on Saturday I had my Disney traditions class at the Disney university. It was LOTs of fun and my official first work day/ firs paid day at the Walt Disney Company.
We had about twelve good filled tables in the class (6 seats at each one) and the day began with a Union presentation for about 20-30 minutes. Afterwards Jennafer and Nathaniel held the entire traditions class. They were super nice, fun to be around, but very professional at the same time. We watched a couple of short movies about the traditions of the Walt Disney Company and saw/worked with many spreadsheets. Also little games and fun activities were included. We went into the Magik Kingdom as well and right when we came out of the backstage area they had the end of the parade going and we were walking right onto mainstreet USA in front of the castle.. I know it sounds silly but I had to pull myself together since it was kind of emotional for me (1st time at WDW and being a Disney addict ..if you love Disney.. youll understand ).
Well I would love to write down all impression of that day but I dont know how much people are willing to read on my journal and plus it would take too long for me right now.. I gotta go to bed soon. Tomorrow I have my first Training day (SUPER EXCITED!!!!).

Yesterday I had a class for my position at the Disney university and today I had an e-class at my actual work place. Those days were very informative and I'm so looking forward to work at the famous, happiest place on earth. Besides me there's another new cast member, which I had the e-class with today. He's a very nice person and even though I'm happy to work here no matter what.. I'm glad I'm not the only fresh baked cast member in this area

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