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Happy Halloween

It's October, the 31st and yes even here in Florida it's getting colder.

Happy Halloween to everybody!

May I introduce? Shizo Joe! The picture below shows parts of my sister in laws and my Halloween pumpkin.

He had two faces.. this one is the one I carved. I wanted to introduce her's too but the poor pumpkin was abandoned before I had the chance to take a picture due to Shizo Joe getting a little smelly

Today a little before noon I was sitting in a rocking chair on my parents in laws front porch, enjoying the warmth of the sun. It was cold and a little windy but where the sunshine hit it was wonderfully warm.
As I was sitting there I was watching all that was going on in the yard. It's a big yard with a couple of big ol' trees. I saw quite a few busy squirrels digging up some good acorns, a wood pecker eagerly pecking a hole in one of the trees, a few super tiny birds, a blue bird, a dove, butterflies, a salamander and all kinds of little fellows. I love it!!
I saw how a squirrel ran along a branch -on the tree where the wood pecker as doing his thing- and all the sudden the squirrel kind of jumped on the wood pecker. He immediatly opened his wings.. I guess to look big and to show the squirrel not to mess with him.. and the squirrel looked for another spot :D

Well.. I also saw a dove flying from another tree down to the ground to pick some food. A few feet beside it was a squirrel, enjoying some acorns. When it saw the dove it ran up to it (I guess it thought the dove was one of his squirrel buddies) and once it got there the dove flew away up the tree. In the same moment the squirrel kind of jumped as if it realized it just ran up to a BIRD lol and took off running the opposite direction. Kind of cute how they were reacting!

Tonight Jacob and me are going out with a friend to celebrate the hallow eve.. the nowadays loved holiday with a very dark history..
31.10.12 20:10

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