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Disney Onboarding

As mentioned yesterday I had my Disney Orientation appointment today (still Monday here).
I had my appointment at 11:00am but I was about 20 minutes early. When I arrived at the Casting center I got to meet a couple of new cast members -that were there for the onboarding appointment as well- before I even entered Suite 140 for the onboarding paperwork. I went to the information desk to register my name and then I sat down and waited for my name to be called. After that happened I got a few documents from the lady at the information desk. I sat down in one of the computer booths, read the documents, checked the info, signed and brought it back to her.
She handed me a little brochure with all information about my Disney traditions class and with contact information about my recruiter.
After sitting back down for a few minute wait another lady called me for my background check. She took my finger prints, re-checked address and other information and took my picture. She was very nice! She told me about a huge Gingerbread house at a certain place at Disney and that it smells super delicious. Well I think I'm gonna go to see that since I absolutly love love love Christmas ♥

After the background check was done she seated me in a little booth area with a few other Cast members and we were waiting for the lady that was going to give us some further information about the Disney traditions class. This lady came about 20 minutes later when our group was a little bigger and told us everything we need to know.
After that was done she wished us a magical day and we were good to go.

I really like how Disney manages the whole hiring process so far. Every appointment is very informative and so far I havent felt lost at all! I enjoyed it a lot and I'm looking forward to the Disney traditions class which will take place at the Disney University.

While I was at the Casting Center, Jacob went to Downtown Disney which is just across the street of the Casting center. When we met up at the car he brought me a bag of mini oreos and a coke.. He's so sweet! He had some peanutbutter snack bar which looked good too, but I like my Oreos!

Later on today I was skyping with my Mom and my Aunt. They've been in a 1000 year old church recently. They sung a couple of very unique, beautiful songs in there which sound super beautiful with that churchy hall/echo. Their voices sound like Angels.. it's wonderful! Listening to these songs make me feel a little closer to home! ♥
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(30.10.12 17:46)
oh my dear, thanks for the compliments!
It's a long time till we sing like angels. But to sing in this very old church is sooo amazing - so great! Heavenly!

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