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I thought I would...

...make this blog a 'world travelers blog' thing and even though it's a German web address I will keep it in English so my international friends can read it as well

I guess I will be talking about my experiences and maybe I'll post some pictures too!

Well, while I'm writing this it's about 3:00am in Germany and here in Florida it's just 9:00pm and still Sunday ;-)
Tomorrow I have to get up sorta early to get ready for my Disney onboarding appointment. It's still kind of unreal for me that Jacob and me will be moving to Orlando quite soon. Our apartment is about 10 driving minutes away from the Walt Disney World Resort and about 20 minutes away from where I will actually work at Disney.
I already packed a couple of moving boxes but there's still a lot to go. My sweet relatives in law helped us out with a bunch of stuff like plates, cups, silverware, furniture and all kinds of stuff!
Since the apartment complex is pretty close to Walt Disney World the apartments are kind of pricey but I thought it will be alright since we wont have to pay so much in gas to get to work.
Also we will be moving in with a friend of ours, so the costs will be less for each one of us.
I wonder how the cats will like our new apartment... I dont have to worry about our roommate since the cats already seem to like him ;-) But I really hope they will like the apartment. I'm sure they will though because it's a lot roomier than what they have right now and there's a balcony which they will probably enjoy a lot! And for that tremendous pet deposit that we gotta pay for each cat they have to like it... nah.. just kidding ;-)
(The deposit is kinda hilarious though)

Well, I will shut up for now. I dont want to scare the few people away who will read this :p
29.10.12 03:13

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Kroepfli / Website (29.10.12 02:24)
jippiiiiiiii das find ich toll dass du einen blog hast, freu mich schon das alles zu lesen

Chris (29.10.12 02:30)
Danke, liebe Jules. Dein blog hat mich ziemlich inspiriert :-)

(29.10.12 05:06)
WOO WOO Orlando Orlando

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