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Getting settled in Disney magic

I didnt blog for a while but there was a lot to do!
We moved to Orlando last Thursday and on Saturday I had my Disney traditions class at the Disney university. It was LOTs of fun and my official first work day/ firs paid day at the Walt Disney Company.
We had about twelve good filled tables in the class (6 seats at each one) and the day began with a Union presentation for about 20-30 minutes. Afterwards Jennafer and Nathaniel held the entire traditions class. They were super nice, fun to be around, but very professional at the same time. We watched a couple of short movies about the traditions of the Walt Disney Company and saw/worked with many spreadsheets. Also little games and fun activities were included. We went into the Magik Kingdom as well and right when we came out of the backstage area they had the end of the parade going and we were walking right onto mainstreet USA in front of the castle.. I know it sounds silly but I had to pull myself together since it was kind of emotional for me (1st time at WDW and being a Disney addict ..if you love Disney.. youll understand ).
Well I would love to write down all impression of that day but I dont know how much people are willing to read on my journal and plus it would take too long for me right now.. I gotta go to bed soon. Tomorrow I have my first Training day (SUPER EXCITED!!!!).

Yesterday I had a class for my position at the Disney university and today I had an e-class at my actual work place. Those days were very informative and I'm so looking forward to work at the famous, happiest place on earth. Besides me there's another new cast member, which I had the e-class with today. He's a very nice person and even though I'm happy to work here no matter what.. I'm glad I'm not the only fresh baked cast member in this area

16.11.12 03:46

Happy Halloween

It's October, the 31st and yes even here in Florida it's getting colder.

Happy Halloween to everybody!

May I introduce? Shizo Joe! The picture below shows parts of my sister in laws and my Halloween pumpkin.

He had two faces.. this one is the one I carved. I wanted to introduce her's too but the poor pumpkin was abandoned before I had the chance to take a picture due to Shizo Joe getting a little smelly

Today a little before noon I was sitting in a rocking chair on my parents in laws front porch, enjoying the warmth of the sun. It was cold and a little windy but where the sunshine hit it was wonderfully warm.
As I was sitting there I was watching all that was going on in the yard. It's a big yard with a couple of big ol' trees. I saw quite a few busy squirrels digging up some good acorns, a wood pecker eagerly pecking a hole in one of the trees, a few super tiny birds, a blue bird, a dove, butterflies, a salamander and all kinds of little fellows. I love it!!
I saw how a squirrel ran along a branch -on the tree where the wood pecker as doing his thing- and all the sudden the squirrel kind of jumped on the wood pecker. He immediatly opened his wings.. I guess to look big and to show the squirrel not to mess with him.. and the squirrel looked for another spot :D

Well.. I also saw a dove flying from another tree down to the ground to pick some food. A few feet beside it was a squirrel, enjoying some acorns. When it saw the dove it ran up to it (I guess it thought the dove was one of his squirrel buddies) and once it got there the dove flew away up the tree. In the same moment the squirrel kind of jumped as if it realized it just ran up to a BIRD lol and took off running the opposite direction. Kind of cute how they were reacting!

Tonight Jacob and me are going out with a friend to celebrate the hallow eve.. the nowadays loved holiday with a very dark history..
31.10.12 20:10

Disney Onboarding

As mentioned yesterday I had my Disney Orientation appointment today (still Monday here).
I had my appointment at 11:00am but I was about 20 minutes early. When I arrived at the Casting center I got to meet a couple of new cast members -that were there for the onboarding appointment as well- before I even entered Suite 140 for the onboarding paperwork. I went to the information desk to register my name and then I sat down and waited for my name to be called. After that happened I got a few documents from the lady at the information desk. I sat down in one of the computer booths, read the documents, checked the info, signed and brought it back to her.
She handed me a little brochure with all information about my Disney traditions class and with contact information about my recruiter.
After sitting back down for a few minute wait another lady called me for my background check. She took my finger prints, re-checked address and other information and took my picture. She was very nice! She told me about a huge Gingerbread house at a certain place at Disney and that it smells super delicious. Well I think I'm gonna go to see that since I absolutly love love love Christmas ♥

After the background check was done she seated me in a little booth area with a few other Cast members and we were waiting for the lady that was going to give us some further information about the Disney traditions class. This lady came about 20 minutes later when our group was a little bigger and told us everything we need to know.
After that was done she wished us a magical day and we were good to go.

I really like how Disney manages the whole hiring process so far. Every appointment is very informative and so far I havent felt lost at all! I enjoyed it a lot and I'm looking forward to the Disney traditions class which will take place at the Disney University.

While I was at the Casting Center, Jacob went to Downtown Disney which is just across the street of the Casting center. When we met up at the car he brought me a bag of mini oreos and a coke.. He's so sweet! He had some peanutbutter snack bar which looked good too, but I like my Oreos!

Later on today I was skyping with my Mom and my Aunt. They've been in a 1000 year old church recently. They sung a couple of very unique, beautiful songs in there which sound super beautiful with that churchy hall/echo. Their voices sound like Angels.. it's wonderful! Listening to these songs make me feel a little closer to home! ♥
30.10.12 02:32

I thought I would...

...make this blog a 'world travelers blog' thing and even though it's a German web address I will keep it in English so my international friends can read it as well

I guess I will be talking about my experiences and maybe I'll post some pictures too!

Well, while I'm writing this it's about 3:00am in Germany and here in Florida it's just 9:00pm and still Sunday ;-)
Tomorrow I have to get up sorta early to get ready for my Disney onboarding appointment. It's still kind of unreal for me that Jacob and me will be moving to Orlando quite soon. Our apartment is about 10 driving minutes away from the Walt Disney World Resort and about 20 minutes away from where I will actually work at Disney.
I already packed a couple of moving boxes but there's still a lot to go. My sweet relatives in law helped us out with a bunch of stuff like plates, cups, silverware, furniture and all kinds of stuff!
Since the apartment complex is pretty close to Walt Disney World the apartments are kind of pricey but I thought it will be alright since we wont have to pay so much in gas to get to work.
Also we will be moving in with a friend of ours, so the costs will be less for each one of us.
I wonder how the cats will like our new apartment... I dont have to worry about our roommate since the cats already seem to like him ;-) But I really hope they will like the apartment. I'm sure they will though because it's a lot roomier than what they have right now and there's a balcony which they will probably enjoy a lot! And for that tremendous pet deposit that we gotta pay for each cat they have to like it... nah.. just kidding ;-)
(The deposit is kinda hilarious though)

Well, I will shut up for now. I dont want to scare the few people away who will read this :p
29.10.12 03:13